YOUTH HUB is a global platform for YOUTH. YOUTH HUB focuses on facilitating the growth of Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship.

The motto of YOUTH HUB is to spread a very simple yet powerful message among the YOUTH – do what you love, inspire others and change the world. The core mission is to create a broad organization where the Youths can exchange their ideas and embark on new initiatives


Youth Hub is to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens and to educate and enable school students, especially girls, in Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship. Youth Hub launched its very own initiatives: SCHOOL CODERS, SUKONNA, GIRLS IN ICT & STEM, SCHOOLPRENEUR, and TRIKONOMITI.


The objectives of the initiative “SCHOOL CODERS” are to familiarize the students with the Computer Programming, make them learn basic things about coding, attract the students from their school life to computer education, improve their skills related to ICT and specially computer programming, involve them into hands on activities to write the ‘code’, Motivate the students towards ICTs & Programming and to help in receiving various related resources.


As part of Youth Hub, we started the initiative named GIRLS IN ICT. The initiative targets girls and young women from local secondary schools, colleges and Universities who are interested in ICT and STEM. We believe, if girls understand all the different functions and ways of working with ICT, they will have deeper understanding on how ICT is used in their communities, in their places of work, and in government.


The first of its kind Youth Hub launched SCHOOLPRENEUR initiative. Schoolpreneur aims to bring School students, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts, Government Officials together under one platform to promote acquiring entrepreneurial skill set at school level.

Through our activities, we are paving the way towards the achievement of SDGs goal 4,5 and 9. By ensuring quality education through practical learning, reducing gender inequality through launching special training for girls and fostering innovation through our entrepreneurship and innovation courses, YOUTH HUB is relentlessly working to build a better world.

Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk about the great things we can collaborate on. Interested in becoming our partner/ sponsor? Send us an email with your details at Let’s take the next step and work together.