Computer programming and coding in schools

Programming is the art of telling a computer what to perform through a set of instructions. Those instructions are written comprising computer’s language, or code. Now a day, computer is the new definition of our daily life activities. We use computers even for getting the alarm clock or texting a friend! Computers will continue to become a bigger part of our daily lives, powering the devices we use to navigate, communicate, work and play.

90% of parents want their child to study computer science but the majority of schools don't teach computer science.Even when students enjoy computer science and the arts the most. Source: Gallup

Every 21st century student should have a chance to learn about algorithms, how to make apps, and how the internet works.

83% of parents and 64% of principals in rural and small towns believe offering computer science is more or equally as important as any required course. Source: Gallup

However, in coming few years the world will experience different scenario that is a lack of millions of programmer. It is estimated that by 2020 only in USA there will be one million programmer jobs left unfilled. The numbers in EU at the same time is 0.9 million. As a result of the globalization process, we may also suffer an acute shortage of programmers in Malaysia.