Prof Dato’ Dr Hj Abdul Murad Ahmad, fondly know as Dato’ Murad is a Malay technocrat who ventured into business at a tender age.

Since starting in the construction and timber industry in the 1970s, he has confronted and overcome many challenges and obstacles including the economic depression, inflation of the mid 1970s, 80s, ’97 and recent 2009 economic turmoil and corporate and political conflict. Armed with determination, Dato’ Murad has successfully grown from strength in his diversification efforts to be what he is now regarded as an influential corporate personality in the construction, timber and education sectors.

In order to further accentuate the prominance of Malay entrepreneurs, he formed a strategic alliance via a family owned business, Gabungan Kumpulan Murad (GKM). He owned a sawmill, Kilang Papan Murad Sdn.Bhd. which was set up in 1978 and his construction and property company in 1974.He is in business for the last 40 years.

Whilst pursuing business and corporate ambition, Dato’ Murad has constantly committed himself to self improvement through academic and intellectual pursuits in a variety of courses including business administration, investment and law.

He read Law at University Malaya, has obtained MBA from University of Western Sydney and DBA from Victoria University, Switzerland. His philosophy is “Doing Business While Studying”. Dato’ Murad has also lent his time to serve as Chairman of Negeri Sembilan Orphanage Foundation, He founded and established Murad Foundation in 1988 to initially provide a home to orphans in Negeri Sembilan and to-date more than 1000 orphans had stayed and left the orphanage.

In the education field, open his owned college, East West International College. He was appointed Professorship from East-West University, Chicago.USA , and Professor of Business Administration from European-American University.

Dato’ Murad regularly contributes his ideas through talks on entreprenuership programe like TV, media and magazines.