The objectives of the initiative “SCHOOL CODERS” are to familiarize the students with the Computer Programming, make them learn basic things about coding, attract the students from their school life to computer education, improve their skills related to ICT & STEM and especially computer programming, involve them into hands-on activities to write the ‘code’, Motivate the students towards ICTs & Programming and to help in receiving various related resources.

SCHOOL CODERS is an initiative that aimed to bring together parents, educators, students, the private sector, and policymakers towards advancing equitable and inclusive STEM education for all.

Under SCHOOL CODERS initiative, we do CS First, Hour of Code, Scratch Programming, App Inventor, Hello World Programming Workshop, School Holiday Program, Career Talk, ICT Open House Day, Session for parents/teachers/guardian, Innovation Boot Camp and Cyber Security Awareness program.

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As part of Youth Hub, we started the initiative named GIRLS IN ICT. The initiative targets girls and young women from local secondary schools, colleges, and universities who are interested in ICT and STEM. We believe, if girls understand all the different functions and ways of working with ICT, they will have a deeper understanding of how ICT is used in their communities, in their places of work, and in government.

We are keeping pace with the world’s ongoing activities and arranging several international celebrations; we are empowering our girls with proper knowledge, skills and training. For instance, we celebrate gorgeously the International Girls In ICT, Take Back The Tech, International Day of Women and Girls in Science and many more international events in the country.


Schoolpreneur aim to brings School students, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts, Government Officials together under one platform to promote acquiring entrepreneurial skill set at school level.

Schoolpreneur provides information, support, mentorship and career development training as integrity entrepreneurs.

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SUKONNA is a global platform for women. SUKONNA focuses on Women Opportunities, Women Entrepreneurship, Women Innovation, Women Health & Tech Education.

SUKONNA also works for youth leadership, diplomacy, cultural and self-development skills.

SUKONNA want to share with the women’s- do what you love, inspire others and change the world. SUKONNA provide information, support, mentor ship, health consultation and training.


Bringing Essentials for every women @ doorstep

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Google Classroom makes teaching more productive and meaningful by streamlining assignments, boosting collaboration, and fostering communication. Educators can create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. The classroom also seamlessly integrates with other Google tools like Google Docs and Drive.

Youth Hub has been conducting Google Classroom training at different Schools and Colleges.