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Online Courses to Empower Women

By March 17, 2022News & Event
The ICT sector presents tremendous opportunities for women. But for women to seize these opportunities equally as men, we have to tackle the gender stereotypes and biases that prevent them from pursuing or making it big in IT & ITES-related fields.
We all have a role to play in ensuring that girls can access the skills and training needed to adapt to the challenges and opportunities that technology brings so that the future of work is rooted in gender equality and economic opportunities, arrangements, and protections that work for all people.
Youth Hub in collaboration with BDExpat Women Core, an initiative by Bangladeshi Expats in Malaysia offers exclusive online courses for Empowering women to break the bias and create meaningful access to ICT.
Our Courses:
• Freelancing Basic
(Total 8 Classes, Weekly 1 Class, 1.30 Hours per class, Fee: RM 400/ 8500 BDT)
• How to set up an online Business
(Total 8 Classes, Weekly 1 Class, 1.30 Hours per class, Fee: RM 500 / 10500 BDT)
• Digital Marketing Basic to Advance
(Total 12 Classes, Weekly 1 Class, 1.30 Hours per class, Fee: RM 600 / 12600 BDT)
Every girl and every woman has huge potential. Why not learn about technology if they want to? In the end, we are all equal.

Course Outlines

 Freelancing Basic

  • Account Creation Image Optimization
    • Skill tags
    • Text portfolio
  • Gig Creation Title research
    • Keyword research 1
    • Keyword research 2
    • Portfolio creation 1 (Image)
    • Portfolio creation 2 (video)
  • Buyer request How to send
    • What to avoid
    • Templates
    • Time management
  • Gig Analytics Impression, click, subscription
  • Project delivery How to deliver
    • Portfolio images
  • Fiverr forum How to use
  • Fiverr blog How to use
  • Gig checkup Gig health check
  • Bonus Profile verification Full Approved

 How to set up an online business (Facebook and marketplace) for products and service

  • Understanding the Online Business landscape
  • Business Registration
  • Setting up Facebook Store
  • Setting up Google My Business.
  • Set up Google merchandise account
  • Set Google ad account
  • Setup Google analytics
  • Setting up Store in Marketplace
  • Setting up payment Options
  • Setting up Customer Service Strategy and Process
  • CMS
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts

Digital Marketing Basic to  Advance

  • Understanding Digital Marketing landscape
  • Data-Driven Decision making
  • Planning a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Area for Digital Marketing
  • Kick Start a project
  • Setting up Google Ad Account
  • Building Audience
  • Set Up Advertisement
  • Content Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Setting up Facebook Business Account
  • Set up Audience
  • Content Development for FB Ad
  • Analyzing Results