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Our Responsibilities to the people who are suffering due to cold wave

By November 6, 2021News & Event

Even though the privileged, wealthy people welcome the winter with colorful pashminas and festive moods. Still, it brings a lot of suffering to the low-income people in Bangladesh. Quite sadly, many low-income people in Bangladesh cannot afford to buy warm clothes for winter. In this scenario, women and children especially suffer more.

This year, like before, we are distributing winter clothes and new blankets among the low-income families in different districts of Bangladesh. We have already distributed winter clothes in the Mymensingh districts in Bangladesh. We have planed to reach more areas in the north-western part of Bangladesh. The shelter-less people suffer from extreme cold in silence. They cannot afford to buy winter clothes to keep them warm.

Let’s send our love to low-income families & do something for them.

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