Soroj Mehedi

Director, Media & Communication

Soroj Mehedi is a university teacher, researcher, media analyst, and organizer. Apart from working as a Turkish language teacher of the Modern Language Institute of Dhaka University (DU), working as an adjunct faculty in Media and Communication department at Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), and at the Center for Modern Languages of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). He has been working as a Faculty of the Department of Language, Communication & Culture of Gano University also.

Soroj Mehedi started his career in journalism as Jagannath University Correspondent of Daily Ittefaq in 2010 and his professional Journalism career lasting for almost five years. He went to Turkey in 2014 with the Turkish government’s scholarship while working as a staff Reporter in the National Daily Jugantar published from Dhaka.

Mehedi - who completed bachelor from Jagannath University — became first and received first-class in ‘Masters Research Program in Basic Journalism’ from Istanbul University in 2018. then He returned country and started teaching. While staying in Turkey — with European Union funding in 2016 — he completed a credit program on 'European Studies' from Pannonia University of Hungary. In 2017, he did another credit program on European Studies from Turkey’s Kadir Has University, which was also funded by the EU.

Mr. Mehedi has one journal and four other Conference publications. He joined some international programs with scholarship in different countries like Germany (2017), Belgium (2017), Hungary (2016), Austria (2016) Turkey (2014-2018), Ukraine (2017), Malaysia (2018), India (2018), etc., and visited some other. He has a huge number of audiences as a young writer in Bangladesh.

Being an academician Mehedi is involved with various social and Cultural actives nationally and internationally alongside. Mehedi has been working as a director and spokesperson of Youth Career Institute (YCI), one of the largest youth platforms for Bangladesh. He has been working as Country Coordinator for Bangladesh for the 4th World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference 2019 (WDRC-2019) to be held on the 07th – 08th November 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mehedi has worked as the head of Bangladesh at the Fifth World Conference on Media and Mass Communication (Medcom-2019) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also acted as the Executive Member (Media and Communication) of the ‘Commonwealth Future Youth Summit 2018’ held at Sunway University, Malaysia. In the 2016-2017 session, he worked as an Ambassador of Bangladesh and Turkey Chapter in Norway-based International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT) — the world’s one of the biggest youth association. He is currently active as the core team member of SAYS (South Asian Youth Society).