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By November 7, 2021News & Event

The rate of poverty and unemployment especially among females in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is on the increase. Every underprivileged woman needs at least a skill to be able to thrive in today’s economy. We need need to tackle the problem of poverty, lack of employment amongst other goals.

It is to this effect GEAD Foundation in collaboration with Youth Hub, a global youth-led organisation has taken it upon themselves to train some women in Saje, a local area in Abeokuta the capital of Ogun State, Nigeria on liquid soap making and further enlightening them on skills they need in growing their businesses which was handled by some Nigerian SDGs advocates – Idris Bashiru who spoke on Entrepreneurship, marketing strategy by Ifeoluwa and digital literacy by Adebowale Ayoola.

The participants in attendance were communicated to in their native language ‘Yoruba’ to communicate and relate well with them at the grassroots.

During the entrepreneurship discussion, Idris took them through the secret to being a good entrepreneur.

According to Idris “Entrepreneurship is not limited to learning how to make liquid soaps but it’s about how to come up with ” good business plan and strategy, get committed, be consistent and committed to your business.”

Ifeoluwa also took them through advertisement and the various ways to gain more customers while Adebowale emphasised the importance of leveraging social media platforms for awareness and visibility.

During the liquid soap making, the participants were allowed to partake in the practical session. The event ended with questions and great feedback from them.

At YOUTH HUB & GEAD Foundation, we are committed to empowering women and bridging the gender gap in technology.