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Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal?

By August 24, 2019News & Event

Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal, is one-day Networking and Exploring event organized with the motives to aware youth about Global Trends of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship aiming to create more young Entrepreneurs in Nepal in order to take the Nation to next and developed level. We are bringing different Startups Company together to address different Problems, Challenges and ways to deal with it in the Country and inspire youth to be a part of these challenges to figure out different Innovation stuffs in order to solve different problems exist in Nepalese society. We are building Mindset of Problem Solving as an Entrepreneur in Nepalese Youth.

The event will be onward from 11:00 PM, on 31st of August. There will be Keynote Speakers from Four different field Entrepreneurship, Technology, Innovation and Business (Startups). Panel Discussions on “Why Entrepreneurship in Nepal” and different Startups CEO/Founder will be sharing their experiences, focusing to create great ecosystem for Young Entrepreneurs in the country to bring more Innovation Stuffs and to build Great Company in the days to come. Along with these, there will be Networking sessions to connect with Entrepreneurs, Speaker, Businessman, TechEnthusiast and Innovative-minded people at the event. Throughout this event, we will be making youth in conditioned to think about different challenges and problems exist in to the systems of different filed (Education, Health, Agriculture, Business and Innovation) and bring them together to work on to those problems and challenges as an Entrepreneur to solve them.

WHERE : MC Donald Food Cafe Restaurant and Banquet Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

WHEN: Date – 31st AugustSaturday 2019, Time – 11:00 am – 4:00 PM

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