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Youth hub organized a career workshop for Nigerian Youth

By February 3, 2022News & Event

On Saturday, January 29th, 2022, the Youth Hub, in collaboration with GEAD Foundation, Tech Sathi, Backend, and Inspiring Bangladesh, hosted a webinar titled “Career Prospects; the Role of ICT and STEM in the 21st Century.”  The majority of the attendees were university students from Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Mr. Rezwanur Rahman, a Senior Technical Lead at Microsoft 365 Global Support, spoke on the importance of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in today’s world.

He enlightened the students on various fields they should be skilled in, such as coding, digital marketing, technological tools, and Microsoft. According to Rahman, an estimate of 90% of jobs soon will require ICT skills.” Rahman also pointed out the in-demand skills youths should thrive on having to excel in the job market. These skills include Workforce readiness, soft skills, technical skills, and entrepreneurship. Participants were further introduced to platforms they could visit to gain access to such courses introduced by Microsoft.

The workshop was moderated by Sarah Cypriano and the opening speech was delivered by Mr. Pavel Sarwar and the closing remark was made by Rianat Wahab.

Youth Hub has trained many youths in digital skills, innovation, and entrepreneurship in more than 17 countries including Nigeria through various projects.  As a result, it has spread to Nigeria to make more impact and increase awareness of digital literacy, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship for youth’s development and growth.